4s center Body & Paint

Our fully down draft spray booths are internationally known and recognized for their quality and technological advancement which continues to be unsurpassed in the industry for manufacturing and installing world class units. We have the ability to build 'MADE TO MEASURE" units to cater for all customer needs ranging from the smallest operations to the largest. Our spray booths are also able to be used for Water Based paints without any extra blowers or fans. Our customers include major corporations such as; Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Glassurit Technical Centre, British Aerospace, Air Bus, Torro Russo Red Bull, F1 Team.

We are able to supply Paint Room or Change Room as per your size requirements. They can be installed as a free standing unit or can be installed next to a spray booth or prep station.

Our Prep Stations are designed to enhance and shorten the repairing process by combining practability, low running costs and more importantly a system with a healthy safeguard for the end user. From the most simple suction bay to the most complex and complete prep station with ceiling filters it is an essential piece of workshop equipment for sanding and preparation work of motor vehicles and parts before they are sprayed.

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